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Tardy Policy
Posted On:
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Starting Monday, March 16, 2015

Tazewell Elementary School

175 Parkview Drive

Tazewell, Virginia 24651



Suzanne Grindstaff, Principal                                                                                          Chandra Ashby, Asst. Principal




Tazewell Elementary School Tardy Procedure


Studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Education show that attendance is a major factor when it comes to school success. The most crucial learning hours of a school day are the morning hours because students are more attentive. Research has shown that students who are tardy miss the beginning of their morning classes, feel disconnected with school, have lower scores on standardized assessments, and cause a negative impact on the classroom environment. (Stacy Zeiger, eHow Contributor)


Students should be in their seat ready to work when the bell rings at 8:05. Students arriving after that time are considered tardy. In an effort to encourage all students to arrive on time and remain the full day, the procedures listed below will be implemented in line with Tazewell County Attendance Policy JEB and JED-R. {Timeline: Each six weeks}


3 unexcused tardies                              Written note to parent                            

5 unexcused tardies                              Conference with parent             

More than 5 unexcused tardies               Student will make up work missed as a result of being    

                                                            tardy during Resource on Friday of the week of the 6th

                                                            and additional days unexcused tardy.

(There are times when doctor appointments and emergencies arise. Students arriving late with a doctor excuse will receive an excused tardy slip.)



Tips for parents:

1. Consider letting your child ride the school bus in the morning.

2. Have a regular routine and bed time for school nights.

3. Plan extra time for traffic and the drop-off line…adjust your time to drop your child off by 8:00.

4. Lay out clothes and backpacks the night before.

5. Wake children up in sufficient time to prepare for the day.




***Students who have had zero (0) unexcused days tardy may be in line for a reward activity ***

****Students on time & completing morning work may receive points toward PBIS events****


Implementation of this procedure begins on March 16, 2015.

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