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Ms.  Lisa  Crouch
Pre-K Teacher
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Ms. Lisa and Ms. Donna's 

Pre-Kindergarten Class

April 30-May 4, 2018

Attention: Thank you to the students who participated Monday, April 30th in PTA. These students were: Hunter Asbury, Pax Brewster, Olivia Gillespie, Ryleigh Hass, and Quinley Reed. You all did an amazing job representing Pre-Kindergarten.

Attention: The Pre-Kindergarten meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday, May 15, 2018. We will be meet on Pre-Kindergarten academic concerns, upcoming Zoo Trip, and end of year party. It is important all parents/grandparents attend. Hope to see you there.

Please, work with your child if he/she brings home a homework sheet. Work with them: writing letters or numbers correctly, staying on lines, and writing neatly reading decodable books, counting, or coloring and cutting. It is important to take 15 minutes to show your child school is important.

Attention: Students who will receive March charms for Box Tops are: Hunter Asbury, Quinley Reed, and Pax Brewster.

Please remember to check your child's folder daily. I will communicate daily by writing notes to you on the chart. Please sign and return the sheet in the back of the folder daily. If you are not signing, I assume your are not checking your child's folder.

If your child is making a transportation change in the afternoon, a note must be written by a parent or guardian to ride a different bus or be a car rider. We are not permitted to make a bus change for a child without written consent. 

Language Arts: Working on letter: letter sounds, reciting alphabet and writing uppercase/lowercase letters, rhyming words, beginning sounds in words

Math: Counting 1-100, writing numbers 1-50, recognizing numbers 1-50, shapes, sequencing, patterns, calendar skills

Lunch is from 11:00-11:25 daily. Parents/Guardians are welcome to eat with your child at anytime. You must check in the office and meet the class in the cafeteria.We were glad to have the parents/grandparents of: Hunter Asbury, Pruenella Dagout, and KevaSean Moore join us for lunch this week.

We get ice cream (.75) some Friday's only due to having a daily snack. I will write a note on your child's Behavior Chart when he/she is out of money.

Morning Drop-Off/Tardy is from 7:30-8:05 daily. Please make sure your child is in the cafeteria with the class at this time. We finish eating breakfast at 8:15. We leave the cafeteria after finishing breakfast. Thank you for your cooperation.


Monday: bagged lunch, fruit, milk

Tuesday: bagged lunch, fruit, milk

Wednesday: bagged lunch, fruit, milk

Thursday: bagged lunch, fruit, milk

Friday: bagged lunch, fruit, milk

Mark Your Calendar 

May 15: Pre-Kindergarten meeting 5:30-6:30 (discussion before field trip)

May 18: Field Trip Knoxville Zoo

May 25: Last Day of Ice Cream

May 28: No School/Memorial Day

May 30: PK Awards Day/Party

Box Tops For Education

We are taking Box Tops for April. TES earns money for collecting Box Top coupons from various products. Coupons can be found on food items, baggies, frozen foods, cleaning supplies, etc. Students who turn in Box Tops earn monthly charms.

Communication is an important part of every child's progress in school. I provide various types of communication procedures. First, a green folder is sent home daily with your child's school/class information and daily behavior inside. There is a place for comments and a signature line. Please feel free to write any comments and I will answer daily. Parents and guardians may call me at (276) 988-4441. The office will give me the message and I will contact you at the end of the day. You may email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please feel free to come to me with any concerns.